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Launched in 2011 by EASY ASSET MANAGEMENT IFN SA, iCredit Romania ‘s fast credit and personal loan company is registered with the National Bank of Romania under the number RG-PJR-41-010269 / 17.05.2011, being one of the most experienced institutions nonbanking in our country. Behind this concept is one of the strongest financial groups in Europe operating on the ifn market segment, whose history began in 2005. Operated under the name of iCredit, this brand successfully operates in 5 other countries Romania), promoting a loyalty-based concept (any credit recipient offered by this company receives loyalty points), recommendations (each recommendation worth 50 Ron) and flexibility.

Although the company reported losses in the beginning (2011-2014), it experienced a strong recovery in 2015 when it reported a net profit of RON 3 430 696 and fixed assets of RON 432 051. The number of associates in the company is 3, with only one manager, and the number of employees has risen since 2015 (when 249 were registered) to 1,000 consultants in 2017. At international level, the parent company has awarded more than 1,500,000 loans, and Romania is ranked among the 6 countries where the main brand is active. What is particular about this loan company is how any credit beneficiary can turn into a consultant, which allows him to earn income from this activity. Perhaps that is why iCredit’s opinions are so good, the company having a market position over the average of the other non-banking institutions in Romania.

Contact -how you can interact with this loan company


iCredit contact -how you can interact with this loan company

The company is headquartered in Central Headquarters: Logofăt Tăutu Street, no. 67, et. 4 + 5, sector 3, Bucharest, but at national level, in all major cities and in all counties there is a point where customers can apply for a credit. Here are the ways a customer can get in touch with this online loan company:

  • At the headquarters of a branch – the work program with the public is between 10-19, Monday to Friday;
  • Online – by filling in the form available on the site;
  • By phone – 031 7171 100;
  • By email:

Also, if you want to stay in touch with this loan company, then you can opt for a quick connection through the Facebook social networks (11782 followers) and Linkedin (575 followers).


Types of loans, loan terms and repayment of a loan


Types of <a href=loans, loan terms and repayment of a loan from iCredit” />

As to how to contract a credit, the customer can opt for application on the site or may leave a telephone number on the loan application form to be contacted by a company representative. The site is optimized for mobile and tablet content, which means you can apply from anywhere, without requiring application on a desktop system. Here are the credits that can be accessed from iCredit online :

  • The retirement loan – the amount that can be borrowed is between 500 and 3000 Ron for a period of up to 43 weeks.
  • Fast credit – a loan amount of between 400 and 6000 Ron can be borrowed, with the repayment period being between 14 weeks and 43 weeks.
  • Credit with mortgages – the amount that can be borrowed ranges between 6,000 and 400,000 Ron for a period of 6 months to 60 months (5 years).

The conditions you must meet to qualify for a loan are:

  1. Present an act confirming your identity (identity card / bulletin);
  2. Salary or retirement certificate.

Money is received in cash, at the customer’s home, within 24 hours of approval, with the customer being able to choose how the reimbursement will take place (at fixed rates that can be paid weekly, at two weekly or monthly). Use this iCredit calculator rate and you will notice that the maximum annual effective interest rate (AAD) does not exceed 3727% (for the maximum amount that can be borrowed and for the maximum repayment period). The age to get credit from this company is between 18 and 80 years old.

What else do I need to know about Credit?

What else do I need to know about iCredit?

The recommendations of friends who need money and fully comply with the conditions imposed by iCredit are worth 50 Ron / recommendation. The person accessing a credit from this company must be advised by you to access a credit with a repayment period of more than 14 days and to apply for this offer within a maximum of 2 months from the date you placed the recommendation . You must call iCredit and provide them with all the details of identifying who is going to contract a quick or mortgage loan or a credit for retirees from iCredit.

For those who use credits from this company, they often benefit from the promotion that allows them to accumulate loyalty points, which they can later use to get loan cuts. The conditions imposed by the company of those who wish to receive these loyalty points are related to the repayment period (the credit must not be repaid in advance and must be repaid in its entirety) and delays (no more than 10 days) otherwise at iCredit issues (100 points will give you a reduction of 1 Ron) will result in the loss of these points.

The repayment system of the amounts borrowed from iCredit is atypical in the sense that it does not offer the possibility of paying the money in an account or by an intelligent payment system but they will be collected directly from the customer’s home by one of the company’s representatives. It is certain that iCredit is a non-banking company that manages to offer a diversified range of loans with one of the highest age limits (up to 80 yuan) and runs fildeling and customer-oriented programs, which makes it a pretender serious to gain a superior position in the top of ifn companies in Romania.